Google Voice for Android Gains Offline Voicemail, Group Texting & a Bigger Footprint

Google Voice for Android added two new features in its update. The ability to send text messages to multiple recipients brings it up to par with Apple’s iOS Messages app and service. It also brings it up to the same level of functionality as the Google Voice desktop web interface which has long supported this feature.

The second new feature is the ability to prefetch voicemails so they can be listened to even when there is no data coverage. This would let you listen to voice mail while in an area with poor reception or on a flight.

The app’s “What’s New” list also notes that the app has an improved text message notification but does not describe how this feature was improved.

One customer review on the Android Market notes that the updated app is much larger than the previous release. The new app occupies 7.6MB while the older version was 5MB large. The Google Voice app cannot be relocated from system memory to flash storage. So, its large size may present a problem for users of older Android phones with a small amount of system memory.

The app can be found here in the Android Market: Google Voice

Via The Next Web:Google Voice for Android Now Has Offline Voicemail and Group Texting