Google & Verizon Spent $5 Million in Washington D.C. Lobbying: Effect on FCC Net Neutrality Decision?

All Things Digital’s provides a fascinating summary of how much money tech companies are spending for lobbying in Washington D.C.

What Tech Companies Are Spending in Washington

A quick look at the companies involved shows that there is a huge mobile component to this lobbying. Of the 11 firms listed, 6 have major mobile ties:

Apple – iPhone, iPad – $340 thousand
AT&T – Wireless network – $3.47 million
Google – Android – $1.2 million
HP – webOS – $1.6 million
Microsoft – Windows Phone – $1.63 million
Verizon – Wireless network – $3.83 million

This group spend a total of $12 million in lobbying. It should be noted that the Google and Verizon sub-total amounts to over $5 million of this total. This is notable because of the recent controversial “net neutrality” decision by the FCC was presumably heavily influenced by Google and Verizon.

The remaining five have varying degrees of mobile play too. One could argue that Facebook and Intel should be in the list above.