Google Updates Search Results to Help Users Register to Vote

Beginning Monday, when users search for phrases like "register to vote," they'll see a state-by-state guide related to each state's voter registration rules.

Ahead of the 2016 U.S presidential election, Google announced that it updated its search results to help users learn about the voter-registration process. With this update, when users search for phrases like “register to vote,” they will see a state-by-state guide related to each state’s voter registration rules.

The guide includes information on how to register, as well as the requirements and deadlines for voter registration in each state.

Google Register to Vote

Elsewhere, with the Republican National Convention beginning this week, and the Democratic National Convention following later this month, users will be able to search for these events within the Google app to see summaries of the events, nominees and speaker lineups. Users will also be shown a live stream video of the events from YouTube, as well as related posts from social media.

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