Google Tweaks Mobile Image Search to Add One More Feature: Browse Popular Images

Google added another little tweak to its mobile search feature list…

Popular Images on Google Image Search for mobile

Here’s how it works…

1. Point your mobile browser to
2. Tap/select the “Images” search option (right of the default “Web” search option)
3. Refresh your browser (this is important only the first time you use this feature)
4. You will see the link “Browse Popular Images”
5. You will see a few thumbnail images below the link mentioned above

Unlike Local Search, this feature works even if you are logged in to your Google web account.

Tapping “Browse Popular Images” reveals rows of categorized thumbnail images. I saw the category Trends, Movies, Sports, Cars & Bikes, Television, Cartoons, and Music. Tapping one one of the four thumbnail images under the “Browse Popular Images” link takes you to a web page full of thumbnails related to that topic or person.