Tweet Your Reality Show Predictions on Google TV

Google TVs have begun scuffing their boots on our Welcome Mats and integrating themselves into the lives & homes of the beautiful people of North America.  The Twitter feature makes it convenient to tweet about TV shows, as you watch them.  Sure, we could just look down at our laptops as we view our programs.  But it’s kind of nice to put all of our eggs in one basket, and see both Twitter and a live basketball game living in harmony, on the same screen.

Shows such as Fox Red Eye and 106 & Park on BET each have a nice little following of tweeters who post about the episodes of the shows as they watch them.  106 & Park even reads fans’ tweets, live on air.  What a great marketing tactic!  And I am a marketer’s dream.  I have honestly sat through entire episodes of that show, just waiting for my tweet to be read out loud by the hosts.  Without the Twitter segment, I may have flipped the channel.

I have created a list of fun things to do with Twitter as you watch your favorite shows on Google TV:

1.  Reality Show Predictions

Watch the season premier of every reality show.  And predict the winner on Twitter.  At the end of the season, you will have proof that you “Totally called it, since day one.”  You could even make bets with friends – for bragging rights.

2.  Talk Smack About Sports

Tweet about every fumble, turnover, dunk, incomplete pass, fight, shootout or ridiculous call by a ref.  Then leave the Twitter timeline open; and wait for other users to post their thoughts on the same topic.  It usually helps if you include a player’s name in your tweet. For example, “Dwyane Wade’s dunk was so amazing that I just spilled my drink on the ground.  And when I say ‘on the ground’ I mean ‘on my angry friends.”

3. Check out Links on The Big Screen

Following links to pictures and videos is a grand ol’ time on your laptop.  But a big TV screen makes it all look so much more cinematic.  Check out this hilarious link that Google TV just tweeted on Monday.  Dude Throws TV Off Balcony Now, we must warn you that this video contains some foul language.  But, it shows us something hilarious that we could do with a Google TV – if we were jerks.

4.  Get Netflix Recommendations

Tweet this: “I’m about to rent a movie.  Any suggestions?  In the mood for something scary.”  As you browse through the films, see if anyone @replies you with a good suggestion.  You could then search that film in the Twitter search bar to see what other users have said about it.  Or you could take a chance and just trust the person who sent you the recommendation.  Unless, of course, it is a Tweet from Ben Stiller saying, “You should totally rent Little Fockers.  I hear it’s hilarious.”

The folks at Google are champions of viral marketing.  And they have been sending TVs to YouTube stars – such as the hilarious daily vlogger & prolific tweeter, Shay Carl.  Shay recently created a video documenting his excitement as he opened his new TV.  And Google TV then posted the link to their Twitter.  A YouTuber named iJustine (who has over 1 million followers on Twitter) has also recently uploaded a video giving a shout out to the Google TV.  It is sneaky product placement.  But it is as clever as heck!

#GoogleTV If I advertise your new Television to my 87 followers on Twitter, can I have a free TV too?

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