Google to World: ‘We Make Watches, Too!’

The Apple Watch already has its first ad.

In case you missed the actual event as we did, plenty of journalists offered their quick takes on the Apple Watch. A theme emerged: the price is too damn high.

Nice joke, though we’re sure Apple will be fine. Will people actually buy the watch, though? At least one of Cupertino’s biggest competitors got a little scared.

Google chose the perfect time to pitch a new ad for its Android watch to the tech media: minutes before the Apple event began.

Kind of cool, though the push frankly comes off as a bit desperate. Here, on the other hand, is the first promo for the Apple Watch:

Like every other Apple ad, it’s really just a physical demonstration of the product. No story, no explanation, no earth-shattering tricks.

Now tell us, again, why we need one if we already have an iPhone…