Google to Push Anti-ISIS Ads Because ‘Murica

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The past weekend was a little busy, what with yet another GOP debate and this football game no one cared about, so you may have missed Google’s really interesting and nationalistic news.

You could say, “It was the bomb!”

The Guardian reports that if Google users decide to look up anything remotely anti-American or anything to do with terrorism, the search juggernaut will use its predicative and geotargeting algorithms to position anti-ISIS advertising.

The schemes were mentioned by Anthony House, senior manager for public policy and communications at Google, who was at a home affairs select committee hearing on countering extremism.

“We should get the bad stuff down, but it’s also extremely important that people are able to find good information, that when people are feeling isolated, that when they go online, they find a community of hope, not a community of harm,” he said.

Google is not planning to reveal what strategies it will use to plot against ISIS without providing the sardonic dissidents a spike in search results or PageRank, but suffice to say, ISIS has been targeted.

The idea is strengthening the Net Neutrality discussion (because we’re all about freedom) while protecting people on the Internet authentic search results.

House added that there are actually two pilot programs that are being launched.

The first is aimed at ensuring that media content with extremist themes will be easier to detect on YouTube. The second makes sure that users find counter narratives whenever they enter search terms that are potentially damaging.

In closing, on behalf of all PR practitioners happy enough to enjoy reading this story, thank you Google.

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