Google Revamps Mobile App For iPhone

Google has updated the Google Mobile App for the iPhone and renamed it to Google Search. The update mostly involves changes to the user interface that rely heavily on swiping across the screen, either from the top down or left to right, to open menus. Swiping from the top down displays menu options for help, settings, and apps. You see the Google logo displayed prominently above the search bar, and you can enter search terms by typing, using voice recognition, or taking a picture to use Google Goggles.
Once you enter a search term the top half of the display that contains the logo, help, and setting options slides away to the top and the search results take over the entire screen. Swiping left to right displays another menu where you can select from the different search options, for example to search images, news, or blogs. To see how the Google Search app for the iPhone works, watch the following video: