Google Redesigns The Gmail Composing & Replying Experience

Google has redesigned the compose and reply experience in Gmail making the overall experience a little bit faster and more sophisticated. To begin with, the compose redesign allows you to create an email in a box in the corner of your inbox and still see the messages that are coming in. The writing pane grows as your message grows and you can increase the size of your window if you want.

The recipients field has gotten more sophisticated. As before you can begin to type a name and email addresses from your contact list will begin to appear. Now you can drag and drop email addresses between the to, cc and bcc lines. You can also hover over the recipient’s email to see details about them, as well as double-click on them to edit their address.

Google has done away with the text field beneath the subject line and you can add attachments, or change the font size, and so forth by controlling the icons at the bottom of the message. The save button is gone now, as every email you create is automatically saved.

Replying has also gotten more sophisticated as you can now change the subject line of your conversation, as well as the ability to change the name of the recipient, and the ability to see the previous message within your reply.

Until the change is fully launched, you can choose between the new or old experience. Follow this link for more details.