Google Puts More than 500 Midterm Races on the Map

Followers of the midterm elections who are having trouble telling their blue from their red can rest easy: Google teamed up with political analysts The Cook Political Report, The Rothenberg Political Report, CQ Politics, and RealClearPolitics to combine all of their projections on one map, available here.

Google Maps product marketing manager Jesse Friedman posted on the Google Blog:

With the midterm elections in the United States just six weeks away, everyone is wondering how the balance of power between Republicans and Democrats will shake out after Nov. 2. Although more than 500 seats will be decided in House, Senate, and Governor races, the current tallies are so close that individual races are receiving great scrutiny: You’ll find several sources providing estimations for how each race is leaning.

The map initially loads with states shaded according to one of the sources’ ratings of the Senate race; click the links on the left to switch to House or Governor races, or to switch sources. To compare the ratings head-to-head, click a given state or district, and you’ll see ratings from each source displayed. We refresh the data daily based on the latest ratings, so come back as the races develop. If you would like to put this map in your own Web site, you can embed it as a gadget and grab the code here.