Google Profiles Can Now Have Vanity URLs, sort of

Are you using Google Profile? When was the last time you’ve checked your Google Profile page? For those not in the loop, Google Profile is a Google service where you can practically dump most of your Google Account’s services. It’s a not so highly used service really, not much hype and buzz, and even the Google people are not talking about it so much. In fact, there is no Google Profile Blog yet. But anyway, Google might just be stepping up Google Profile pretty soon and who knows it might evolve into a full social networking profile. I mean, it has all the requirements of becoming a social networking/page for Google’s services. It can stream your Flickr photos, let you add various information about yourself, add links of your Google account services, and even your own non-Google links. A cool feature of Google profile is the location mapping via Google Maps.
So, what could probably be missing from Google Profile for it to make a full blown social networking site? We really don’t know. But Google seems to be prepping up this service for a bigger things to come.
As a starter, Amit of Digital Inspiration noticed that Google Profile now allows you to change the default URL given to you the first you create your Google Profile account. If previously the URL of your Google profile is something like: of numbers and characters
now you can have your URL into something like:
However this works only for new Google profile accounts or those accounts which were not tied up with your other Google account, such as your email.
If your profile is tied up with your other Google account, your Google Profile’s URL will have your Google account name. For example,
Like all vanity URLs, once you changed your Google Profile URL , you can no longer change it later.
This is just one step that Google is taking to gain interest to Google Profile. And hopefully it would evolve into something more. Google Profile is a pretty simple service right now. But given the potential of being able to link all Google accounts into a single landing page, it could be Google’s long lost social networking armada.