Google PR Gives Good GIF

Google shows The Daily Dot who wears the pants in this relationship.

You’ve probably already seen this story, but we’re going to post on it anyway because it’s important in terms of the changing relationships between journalists and PR (especially in-house teams).

Someone leaked news to The Daily Dot about YouTube planning to re-launch its livestreaming video service after trying to acquire Twitch last year.

In response to the blog’s request for comment, Google’s PR rep sent this:

855 (1)

The rep then clarified that “The GIF really was our official response.”

This looks a whole hell of a lot like Google leaking its own news to spark “conversation.” It’s not quite as bad as Facebook PR “punking” TechCrunch with a fake story about fax services, but it does remind journalists who’s boss…

Google — and, by extension, its PR department — has all the power in this relationship. What other client could respond to a press query in such a “who, me?” way?

Facebook and Apple. That’s about it.

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