Google Plus Updates Notifications, Pages and Photos

In the run up to the holidays, Google has been doing a lot of work to improve their Google Plus social network.  Just a week ago we had a slew of Google Plus Hangout improvements, and now we’ve got updates for the notifications and pages features.  A lot of people feel Google Plus has already bit the dust, but I think they may have some surprises in store for us in 2012.

The first update are a series of “graphic equalizers” for your incoming notification stream.  When you look at your stream for a particular circle, let’s say “Family”, a small slider appears that lets you control how important that stream is.  The higher the importance, the more often it will appear in your main stream.  Google has been focusing on ensuring they solve the problems that Facebook doesn’t, and razor sharp control of your own stream is a great addition.

The next upgrade is to notifications.  The update focuses on making the notifications — the little red “1” that appears in the top right hand of pretty much any Google page — simpler and easier to understand on first click.  Before the update, if you clicked in the area, there were times where it wasn’t exactly clear what kind of notification it was.  Was it a message or a comment from a friend?  The update clarifies.

The Google+ Pages service has also been updated with a few small features.  You can have 50 named managers per page and Google is making sure that each of them are updated on the activities of the page.

Finally, Google+ has updated their photo gallery to let the “content shine through.”  I don’t seem to be seeing this update yet, but will keep you posted.

Read the blog post here.

Featured Image: AHMAD FAIZAL YAHYA via Shutterstock