Google Optimizes Web Search for iPhone and Android

Google has rolled out a re-design for their mobile search tools, targeted specifically for the iPhone and Android platforms. The results are optimized so that users don’t need to zoom or excessively scroll to view the results, and so that results will load quickly (see below for examples of the new layout).

“The optimized search results pages are currently available in U.S. English for Android and for iPhone and iPod touch devices with firmware 2.x.”

Users who prefer the classic style can still access results formatted in that fashion by hitting the “Classic” link. While these new changes are certainly better for iPhone and Android users, other mobile web consumers might initially have some difficulty navigating to the appropriate search pages. I had Google’s mobile home page bookmarked on my phone (which is not an iPhone or Android device) and had to change the location of my bookmark to get to the normal mobile-friendly search results page. With the increase in mobile devices and their specific types of form factors, there remains a lack of a standard set of practices in how to structure a mobile site in relation to a regular site. It would be nice to see some kind of consensus drawn so that consumers don’t have to constantly search for the tool they need, especially when they are on a mobile connection.