Google Offers for Android: Deals Limited to Large U.S. Cities. Paternity Testing = Pamper Item?

Google’s deal service, Google Offers, now has its own Android app for mobile deal searching and redemption. The app displays featured shopping items in a range of categories such as Outerwear, Beauty, Video Games and Appliances. You can drill down to a specific product. Sellers for these items were from online vendors rather than local stores. There was nothing in the “Today’s Offers” for my area. Nearby Offers were divided into three deal categories: Eat, Play and Pamper. The Pamper category contained a few questionable deal choices in my area. One, for example, was for paternity testing. Another was for a pizza place that was also listed (more appropriately in my opinion) in the Eat category.

A new Android app for Google Offers

The free app is only available in the U.S. And, as several commenters in the Android Market note, Google Offers deals appears limited to select large U.S. cities. It is also puzzling why Google Offers was not simply rolled into the existing free Google Shopper app. You can find Google Offers in the Android Market at:

Google Offers