Google+ Now Swallowing up Google Reader

Google announced late last week that in the near future you’re going to see a few changes to Google reader. Google plans to add more integration between the 2 services. As one sees features being retired, the other will launch features to replace them.

The thinking behind this change is that Google Reader was never intended to be a social tool; it was a reader. So why not connect it with a better social platform? Google hasn’t listed all the features that are being replaced, but it looks to include all the social features that Google Reader used to have: things like friending, following and shared link blogs.

This is a good move, from the viewpoint of the user. Google never really supported Google Reader, and by integrating the social features with Google+, Google’s flagship service at the moment, users have a better chance of seeing more improvements, tweaks, and other attempts to smooth out the rough edges.

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