Google Not Feeling Lucky with Search Change

Google just can’t do much right these days. They took heat for allowing what is basically spam to show up in search terms. JCPenney isn’t always spam since they have some really cool deals. But the allegations weren’t pretty. Google said, “No problem!” They changed their algorithm in an effort to improve content in its search results.

Google makes about 500 search solution changes a year, many of which you won’t notice. However, this affects almost 12 percent of ALL searches, which is gonna make a lot of us notice. And it did. And a lot of people ain’t happy.

Some major content farms reported a monster drop in searches since the change. These content farms also say they were the target of Google’s wrath. I will assume “content farms” always cause my results to include that news article about acai berries but apparently some search optimization engines are (a) really helpful to Google and (b) really ticked off.

Who wins? Who loses? Who cares? Well check this out. You may not recognize these sites that had massive drops in visits, searches, etc. But their clients pay lots of cash for you to see them. As for any changes Google may make to re-re-rectify the situation… enjoy Bing. Their searches are what Google used to be.