Google Mines for Management Excellence

From the sublime to the bizarre and from the bizarre to the ridiculous Google mines it. So it’s all the more interesting when an HR resource called “Project Oxygen” came online for Google early in 2009. It wasn’t created to find the next app or some sort of algorithm stream. It was meant to find something immensely more important to Google.

Project Oxygen started out as a fact-find mission to prove the age-old HR statement that people leave organizations because of their managers. They would also look at collateral damage it was having on the company as a whole. But Google’s big-dig ended up being a strike-oil scenario for management excellence.

In fact, Project Oxygen spit out some intriguing and interesting data that The New York Times was privy to. It proves a number of theories about human resources and debunks some science of what makes the next great leader.

As you may know Google has taken some heat recently for their changes in algorithms. So some experts think that this move was Google’s effort to give itself a cyber-facelift. And it just may have worked.

Google, with all of the data it dug up on the subject and information it mined, the most interesting part is that all the info came from Google itself through its various staff members. And we can learn a ton from Google’s PR moves from inception to revelation of Project Oxygen. Bravo Google. You’ve done it again.