Google Maps Can Find You (Almost) Anywhere on The Globe

The next time you get lost in Bangalore, finding your way back to your hotel won’t be an issue. Google is rolling out quite a few updates to Google Maps today, and this service is expanding to support more cities around the world.

Turn-by-turn biking directions are now available in New Zealand, along with Google Map Maker. That last bit is going to enable New Zealanders to add accurate info to Google Maps based on current conditions.

Google Maps has also just added walking directions and street view for 150 colleges and universities around the world. Have you ever wondered what Harvard University looked like in person? Now you’ll be able to find out – virtually, at least. Other new universities include UCLA in the U.S., Pembroke College in the U.K., McGill University in Canada and Sophia University in Japan.

And last but not least, Google Maps has added voice guided, turn-by-turn directions in thousands of cities and villages in India. Google reports that navigation was one of the most frequently requested features for that country.