Google Map Maker Takes the Motor City Off the Road

We’ve all used Google Maps at one time or another, so I’m sure you’re familiar with the service. But did you know there’s a way to add your own contributions?

It’s called Google Map Maker, and as you can see in the video above there’s an ongoing effort in Detroit to get more of the existing bike paths added to Google Maps. The trails are the work of the The Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance, while the effort to get Detroit adequately mapped is the work of Todd Scott, the Detroit Greenways Coordinator.

Here’s more from the source: “Building a more comprehensive, accurate and usable map for local cyclists is just one part of Todd’s mission. From the smallest town to a rapidly evolving city like Detroit, maps reflect the heart of a community. Whether you’re improving directions, adding local businesses or mapping an entire area from scratch, your local expertise will help make life easier for not only you, but all Google Maps users. As Todd says, “It goes beyond map making. It’s a way to take back your neighborhood.”

via Google