Google Latitude App for iPhone: Why I Didn't Install It

I’ve had the Google Latitude for Android app installed on my Droid since it became available. I’ve synched up on the service with a few old friends. However, I never used it beyond testing it with few friends. Part of the reason for my lack of interest is that several of those friends were iPhone users who rarely updated their location since it was not an automated task from their iPhone. Now that Google has an iPhone version of the app available, will I try it again?

Introducing the Google Latitude app for iPhone

I thought about that for a few minutes and then decided not to install and use the app. But, it may not be the reason you might guess. It is not about geo-location privacy. It is all about battery life. My iPhone 4 has remarkable battery life. I don’t want to take the chance the Latitude’s periodic GPS queries will reduce the iPhone’s battery life. And, quite honestly, I never found Latitude a particularly useful app.