Google Joins URL-Shortening Crowd

GoogleLogo.jpgSpeaking of URL shorteners…Google introduced the Google URL Shortener as part of its launch of updated versions of Google Toolbar and FeedBurner, software engineers Muthu Muthusrinivasan, Ben D’Angelo and Devin Mullins posted on the Google Blog.

Highlights from the blog post:

First, we think people who use the Google Toolbar and FeedBurner will benefit from a shortener that is easily accessible—making it faster and easier to share, post and email links. Second, we’ve built this on Google’s global infrastructure to offer the following benefits:

Stability: Google’s scalable, multi-datacenter infrastructure provides great uptime and a reliable service to our users.

Security: As we do with Web search, shortened URLs are automatically checked to detect sites that may be malicious and warn users when the short URL resolves to such sites.

Speed: At Google, we like fast products, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that this service is quick. We’ll continue to iterate and improve the speed of Google URL Shortener.

Google URL shortener is not a stand-alone service; you can’t use it to shorten links directly. Currently, Google URL Shortener is only available from the Google Toolbar and FeedBurner. If the service proves useful, we may eventually make it available for a wider audience in the future.