Google Jelly Bean Statue Melts in The Sun

Do you know how a greenhouse works?  Whoever designed the new Android Jelly Bean statue on Google’s Cupertino campus clearly didn’t think this through, because there are reports this morning that the statue is melting from the heat.

Dan Morrill posted an update on Google+ with news that Google’s new statue, which was erected to celebrate the launch of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean last week, seems to have melted in the Calif. sun. The top has come loose and Dan reports that one of the jelly beans inside the statue may have been stolen. Fortunately, a redesign is already underway:

Anyway, they’ve got the poor guy coned off now, for your safety but mostly for mine. But fear not, the designer is already working on a bug fix.

As you can see in the photo, but the stature is a clear shell in the shape of the Android icon. And because the statue is sitting in direct sunlight, the rays from the sun heats the air inside – just like it would for a regular greenhouse.

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