Google+ Hangouts Introduce Live Captions Service

Google is really pushing video chat into its next phase with Google+ Hangouts. A really cool new feature surfaced Friday morning that allows Google+ Hangout hosts to display subtitles/captions of their talk either using a live transcriptionist or by typing the subtitles as the person speaks. It’s an early look at a cool feature, and Google hopes to expand on it in the future. The aim of this feature is to enable deaf users to be able to use the service.

To activate this, you have to add the Hangout Captions App to your Google+ Hangout, and then you can choose one of the two options: Streamtext or DIY. StreamText will automatically connect you with a professional transcriber who will transcribe your Google+ Hangout.

Check out the image below for the basic instructions to get it started.

Read more at the Google+ blog post here.

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