Google Glass Teardown Deconstructs Iconic Eyewear into Simple Components

We’ve written about the technology behind Google glass before, but this teardown Scott Torborg and Star Simpson is the first glimpse of the small computer as independent electronic components. Their reaction?  “It’s surprisingly simple.”

Not only was the duo able to safely disassemble Glass, they were also able to re-assemble Glass and make it functional.

Much of the disassembly ahead was specialized, and required a certain precision in dexterity to pull off. That said, if you’re careful and familiar with disassembling consumer products, Glass did not seem to present any major lurking hazards of inadvertent disassembly damage to components. As a testament to this, we were able to reassemble Glass after this teardown and it still operated perfectly, albeit with cosmetic damage.

To see the details behind each of Glass’s individual components, head over to the Electronic Frontier Foundation to view the impressive gallery. The non-profit ” fights for our rights online both in the worlds of privacy and for the rights of users to disassemble their hardware” so throw in a small donation if you enjoy their efforts.