Google Gesture Search for Android 2.x Released: Seriously Amazing App

My friend and co-blogger here, Frank McPherson, have had a friendly argument about mobile device speech recognition that has gone on for years now. Frank has been a long time champion of the technology. I, on the other hand, respect and appreciate the technology but have (until recently) not been much of a fan.

I have, however, long been in the minority of people who like and use handwriting recognition. So, you can imagine how happy I was to learn from Google’s Mobile Blog that we can now…

Search your Android phone with written gestures

I downloaded and installed Gesture Search on my Nexus One for testing. You can see what I found in the video demo I recorded embedded above. If my handwriting gestures looks odd (especially my “t”), you can blame that on years and years (over a decade now) of using HWR on a series of Windows CE/Windows Mobile devices. My actual handwriting (with pen or pencil) actually changed over the years as I optimized my gestures for Handheld PCs, Pocket PCs, and Windows Mobile phones. Google’s Gesture Search worked well with even my oddball handwriting gestures, however. I’m extremely impressed by this new Android app. It is a definite keeper.

You can find more information about this app at…

Google Gesture Search (home)

It is available for free from the Android Market.