Google Fast Flip Mobile – Nothing Interesting Here – Flipping it Off


Every now and then the great and powerful Google releases a new product that makes me sit and ask: Tell me again why this is interesting??? Such is the case with Google Labs’ Fast Flip. It takes bunch of old guard web-publications and tries to make it easy to find (I think). You can point your desktop or mobile browser (iPhone or Android) at…

…to see this new service. Its instructions for the phone interface can be seen in the screenshot above.

I’ve tried Fast Flip on both large (relatively speaking) desktop screens as well as my iPhone. And, I have to say that I don’t get it. The particular articles pulled from many mainstream web publications just didn’t appeal to me.

They should probably try to analyze my Google Reader RSS feed collection and then show me Fast Flip sites/articles that are related. As it is, the publications presented to me look like a random bunch of uninteresting web pages.