Google+ Expands Hangouts on Air to Everyone [Video]

The Google+ Hangout feature is one of the main selling points for the burgeoning social network.  By easily allowing people to start a multi-person video chat from any thread within Google+, users are able to finally realize a convenient way to quickly get on a chat with a certain group of their friends around a certain topic.

Google enhanced the Hangouts service last year when they introduced Hangouts on Air to a limited group of popular users.  The service allows a person to hold a Google+ Hangout to a group of their friends and have the video available live to the web at large.

Google has now released this feature to the masses.  Anybody with a Google+ account is now availble to talk with a global audience.  The key features of the service are being able to broadcast publicly, check how many viewers are watching your stream and record the whole thing and re-share after the fact.  It’s as simple as checking a box when you’re creating your Hangout and ta-dah: the Hangout is now a public broadcast.

Google has launched a highlight video showing a few examples of how the new feature could be used.  Birthday parties, scuba divers, dancers and musicians all have a cool new way to get their stuff out there.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

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