Embarrassing: Google Earth Doesn't Work In Google Chrome For Macs

You would think that Google would make their various services work efficiently within Google Chrome, the company’s increasingly popular web browser. While reading an article about Google Earth images of Haiti, I saw the image below which highlights that Google Earth doesn’t work within Chrome. Granted, Chrome is extremely fast on most other things, but wouldn’t Google at a minimum provide support for their own product?

Over the past month I’ve become a loyal Google Chrome user as the application is extremely quick and works exceptionally well with Gmail, which is my primary communication channel. Google Chrome also provides an extremely smooth viewing experience for any of your general web browsing needs. I’ve also never had the browser crash on me despite having tons of tabs open, something that’s a regular occurrence for me.

While I’d expect Google to be working on support for Google Earth within the Chrome browser, wouldn’t that be a pretty quick process since they are the company who developed both services?!? Typically we wouldn’t cover something that’s a simple technical glitch, however for a company to not provide support for their own products is pretty much ludicrous.

Google Chrome has also managed to become the third most popular browser on the internet, making it more popular than the Apple developed Safari browser. The biggest reason behind this jump is most likely the public release of the application for Mac computers. While the browser is still in beta, which means we can cut the company a little bit of slack, I’d expect the company to focus on making the browser work with all internal products early on in the product development cycle.

Do you think it’s acceptable for Google to overlook support for all their internal products? Apparently they had the same issue with the P.C. version of Chrome almost a year ago. Why would they wait to fix it on the Mac version?