Google Docs Launches iPad Desktop Version

Google Docs has released a new “Desktop Editon” (pictured, via) of the text and spreadsheet editing program for the iPad. It has more features than the stripped-down mobile edition, and will help authors use the iPad as a more effective writing tool.

Here’s more from Google Docs: “The new mobile editor is fast and lightweight, but sometimes you want to make more style edits like changing a font, or center aligning a paragraph. If you’re on an iPad, you can do that by visiting the Desktop version of the document editor. If you want to insert formulas in a Google spreadsheet from your iPad, you can use the same trick. Just click Go to spreadsheet view at the top of the mobile view to try out the full version of Google spreadsheets. You can now insert formulas in from the editable formula bar.”

What do you think? Are you writing on your iPad? Share your stories for a future post. (Via Gizmodo)