Google Docs App For Android Makes It Easier To Insert Pictures

If you take a picture that you later want to insert into a document, how do you do it? Normally the process involves multiple steps to get the picture off the camera and into a document, but an update to the Google Docs App for Android provides a way to take a picture on your device, send it to a web clipboard, from which you can then paste into a document.

Previously, the Google Docs app provided little functionality beyond being an app front end to the Google Docs web site. I still don’t like the fact that I cannot directly edit spreadsheets on my Android devices, but today’s update of the Google Docs app finally adds some useful features.

First is a new Google Docs widget that provides a new camera function. Tapping the camera button on the widget opens the camera app for you to take a picture. You then see an Upload Photo to Docs screen where you can provide a title for the picture and then select one of three conversion options, upload without conversion, convert to a document, and send to web clipboard. Select send to web clipboard to upload the picture into the Google Docs clipboard. Next, open a Google Docs document on your PC, click the paste button on the toolbar, and you will see a drop-down menu that includes the name of the picture you uploaded to the clipboard. Click the picture and it is inserted in to the document.

Another new feature in the Google Docs app is the ability to send a copy of any of your documents using Android’s sharing function. You can use this new send function to send a Google Document as an e-mail attachment. The attachment is a PDF version of the document, although the send function does not add PDF extension to the file, so you may have to use Windows’s Open With function when you try to open the attachment on a desktop computer.

The Android Google Docs app is free and available now in the Android Market.