Google Delays Release Of Honeycomb Source Code

Android 3, aka Honeycomb, first appeared on the Motorola Xoom at the end of February, and so far the Xoom is the only tablet to be running this version of Google’s operating system. Most of the reviews about Android 3 have been lukewarm, and it appears that Motorola rushed the Xoom and Honeycomb to market before either was complete.
I can understand Motorola’s desire to beat the iPad 2 to market, but I don’t understand why Google was willing to provide them with Honeycomb before it was finished. Apparently Google has recognized its mistake and has decided to not release the Honeycomb source code to the open source community at this time.
jkOnTheRun has a quote from Andy Rubin, head of Google’s Android unit, that to make their schedule to ship the Xoom they had to make design tradeoffs and took shortcuts. From what I read some of those shortcuts were probably with testing the software. Today’s announcement by Google suggests that we might not see additional tablets running Honeycomb until this summer.