Google Continues to Tweak Social Search Results

Google is testing a way to make social results a more prominent part in its search results, moving content that previously appeared at the bottom of its results page toward the top and adding friends’ names, where applicable, TechCrunch reported.

AllThingsD added that the social results that previously appeared as Nos. 9 and 10 on the list will be sprinkled throughout for logged-in users, and Google will give more weight to URLs shared as links by friends via social sites such as Twitter and Quora.

Links that appear on the results page will include a line below it with users’ friends’ names — David Cohen shared this — as well as their profile icons, according to TechCrunch.

Google product-management director of search Mike Cassidy told TechCrunch the focus is on blending results, increasing social coverage, and user control, saying, “There’s a lot more sharing than creating going on on the Web.”

Cassidy told TechCrunch Google picks up shared content some 100 million times per day, adding that Flickr and Quora will be added to the mix, joining Twitter, with still other social services to be included. However, when asked about Facebook, he said, “We’re focused on sites where it’s relatively easy to crawl for data.”