Google Chrome OS Notebooks: Would Have Been a Huge Hit in 2009. But, 2011?

If the Google Books reader, Chrome App Store, and Google Chrome OS notebook had been released in 2009 during the netbook boom, it might have been a game changer. It might have been disruptive. It might have been a contender. But, with a shipping date of mid-2011?

Let’s look at the sequence of events as told by blog/article headlines:

An update on Chrome, the Web Store and Chrome OS (Google Chrome Blog)

It’s Alive: The Google Chrome OS Notebook Launch Event (Search Engine Land)

Google unveils Cr-48, the first Chrome OS laptop (Engadget)

Where Chrome OS Will Fail: Hardware Support (Business Insider)

Business Insider’s Matt Rosoff makes a number of interesting observations about Google’s Chrome OS notebook platform:

– Printer strategy depends on printers that don’t exist (support Cloud Print service)
– USB storage drive support is not completed
– Support of USB peripherals in general is apparently a sketchy story too

Then, there’s the 60 second boot factoid. Is 60 seconds supposed to be fast? My MacBook air boots faster than that. In fact, my 2008 Acer Aspire One (SSD) boots Linpus Linux Lite in 18 seconds. 60 seconds is not impressive.

Then, there’s the apparent hard coupling of Chrome OS notebooks to a carrier (Verizon, apparently). I don’t want yet another monthly bill from a mobile carrier.

That said, yes, I signed up to try to get on the pilot program. Of course, if they happen to tie my application to this blog, I’m guessing I’ll see a Chrome OS notebook when most other people do: Mid-2011.