Google Changes How Twitter Appears in Search Results

It looks like Google is experimenting with changing the way Twitter appears in its search results. Rather than linking to the account and including a generic blurb about someone being on Twitter, Google now displays the most recent tweets from that user right in its search results.

Tim Cohn was among the first to notice the updated Google search Twitter results.

Google used to display the following when showing a Twitter account in its search results:

“[Username] is on Twitter. Sign up for Twitter to follow [username] and get their latest updates.”

Now, it appears as though some people are seeing something completely different.

Google now shows a small thumbnail of the Twitter profile picture on the left-hand side of the search result, along with a link to the user’s Twitter account and a tweet from that user.

Some, like Cohn, report seeing the latest tweet from a particular user as the search result snippet. However, when we searched for “Lady Gaga” we saw one of her tweets from January, not her latest:

It appears as though this new Twitter search result display is still very much in its experimental phases, and hasn’t been rolled out to all Twitter accounts. Our @alltwtr account still displays the generic “[username] is on Twitter…” text.

Soshable noticed that those account which have been upgraded to the new Twitter search results display the latest tweet immediately after it has been tweeted. This, they deduce, means that Google is pulling right from Twitter’s API rather than waiting for tweets to be indexed.

This new Twitter integration comes on the heels of Google’s Android Maps application update, which added Twitter functionality.