Google Buzz: Not for Work, Says One Reader


Yesterday to mark the unveiling of Google Buzz, the Internet giant’s first foray into social networking, we asked eBookNewser readers if they imagined using the service for business–like Twitter–or pleasure. One reader responded with what we bet is the general feeling about Google Buzz.

Reader Kim Werker said “So far, I can’t see using it for work. I have a well-established Twitter community I’m totally satisfied with. On Gmail are my personal friends who don’t use Twitter and some don’t even use Facebook. So far, Buzz consists of commenting on Google Reader posts people share, which is what we all did on GR before anyway. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve always used my Gmail account for personal correspondence, so I imagine Buzz will stay in that realm, too.”

Anybody else have a chance to test it out and want to weigh in? Aren’t the boundaries between professional and personal lives dissolving? What do you think?