Google, British Library Plan to Digitize 250 Thousand Titles

The British Library announced today that it has formed a new partnership with Google. The 2 organizations plan to digitize and release around 250,000 old, public domain books from the British Libraries collection.

This project is expected to cover books from 1700 to 1870 with a total of 40 million pages converted. The ebooks will be released for free through the Google eBookstore. The British Library will also maintain a copy in its digital archive.

Dame Lynne Brindley, Chief Executive of the British Library said: “In the nineteenth century it was an ambition of our predecessors to give everybody access to as much of the world’s information as possible, to ensure that knowledge was not restricted to those who could afford private libraries. The way of doing it then was to buy books from the entire world and to make them available in Reading Rooms.”