Google Android Market the Only Source of Bitcoin Mobile Apps

Bitcoins has been a popular blog topic over the past few weeks. It is an independent anonymous secure digital currency that is not controlled by any government or conventional financial institution. Its recent fame can be attributed to its, shall we say, more shadowy uses.

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Putting aside value judgements on how Bitcoins are used, I wondered what mobile support for this digital currency looked like. As you might guess a search in Apple’s iTunes App Store turned up nothing. There isn’t a single app for the iPhone or iPad that even mentions Bitcoins. A search of Amazon’s Android Appstore also results with nothing found. A quick check of Microsoft Windows Phone Market, RIM’s BlackBerry App Store, Nokia’s Ovi Store and HP’s Palm webOS site also turned up nothing associated with Bitcoins. The free “wild west” of Google’s Android Market is, however, a different story. A search there results in seven apps that have the work “bitcoin” in its name or description. One app (Geo Bookmark) accepts donations in the form of bitcoins but is not otherwise associated with the currency. The other six apps, however, are all related in some way to the digital currency. It looks like Google Android Market is the only large platform app store providing access to Bitcoin related apps.