Good PR: Warby Parker’s Interactive Annual Report

We don’t generally go about congratulating brands for reporting on their own successes, but we’d like to take a moment to encourage all PR pros to check out the interactive 2012 annual report from Warby Parker, the quirky eyewear company known for its legitimately interesting Instagram campaigns and other promotional efforts.

Arranged in virtual calendar form, it’s both an extensive report for investors and an internal document for employees and onlookers, including info on everything from the brand’s 2012 collections and event photo shoots to its TV spots, its employees’ average commute times and the popularity of its product lines by state.

The thing we like most about it is the fact that, unlike every other annual report ever, someone very obviously had fun putting it together. And it’s available to the public. It’s just good PR.

What do we think of this report? Can we come up with other examples of brands (or PR firms) that release reports like this one? And are they available online?

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