GOOD NEWS: Cops Buy Groceries for Great-Grandmother After Purse Snatching

Funny-Police-CarsLately, America’s finest boys and girls in blue have been getting a bum rap thanks to incidents in Ferguson, Mo. and elsewhere.

It’s almost fashionable to hate on the police. From talk shows to morning shows, and all over social media, trolls just want to repeat that old N.W.A. mantra. And while I do not advocate that song at all, I understand why folks may feel that way.

Police officers these days not only need to protect and serve, but also create some shtick to garner community trust like ‘Junior Deputy’ badges or funny cop cars (seen here).

However, if a good circus trick isn’t available while on duty, community service for a great-grandmother who had her purse stolen will always help a department earn serious brownie points.

julia brecht

Meet Julia Brecht, 86, of Aurora, Colo. 

She was grocery shopping at the Aurora Super Target when some jackleg fool snatched her purse while in the produce section. KGMH-TV (ABC7, Denver) shares grandma’s account:

“I see this young person running out of the store,” said Brecht.

It was a few minutes before she realized he took off with her purse.

“My billfold, the car keys, credit cards,” said Brecht.

o-OFFICERS-570After something like that, what’s a girl to do? Of course, Target loss prevention called Aurora Police. The two men answering the call were Aurora Police Department Officers Craig Hess and Robert Little (from left to right).

“They went far beyond what any person like me would expect,” said Brecht.

For the cynics out there, they did so much more than walk her across the street. They took her home and made sure she was okay. And then, the ubiquitous “above and beyond the call of duty” happened.

Hess and Little cancelled her credit cards. And then, they finished her grocery shopping for her.

They grabbed my shopping list. They bought the groceries. One brought me home. They went back to Target and brought my car home,” Brecht told ABC7 of the cops’ errand, which included buying a roast and cake mix.

In a country full of angst and ire for our civil servants, this good news PR story couldn’t come at a better time. It’s like any PR agency — there are a few rotten apples in the bunch making us all look like worms. However, if you get around those types, we’re good for you.

Hess and Little were the shiny Granny Smith apples in the bunch this week.