Good Morning, Wednesday’s the New Tuesday

Hello, we’re back from the isolated Canadian wilds and a little disoriented that it’s Wednesday already. Just in case we’re your only source of news, here’s a round-up of what we would have said smart things about yesterday:

  • Les Moonves and who thought “Mr. Mass” was a title which conjured up pleasing images. Oh, and loving the smell of napalm in the morning? So fetch.
  • Barbara Bush m&#232re is an empathic woman of the people. She is also a popular one: top search on Technorati yesterday and today.
  • OK! Magazine lost its launch publisher, Gabriel “Gaby” Fireman, who departed for reasons unknown to us or Keith Kelly. It’s also had a precipitous dropoff in ad pages, although that could just be normal growing pains.
  • Or, it could be that the magazine is “being produced by really, really stupid people” as Simon Dumenco surmises in yesterday’s Media Guy column. He also seamlessly spans the continuum from genius to duncery in one simple sentence: “Unlike, say, the staff at Janice Min’s Us Weekly — smart people who are semi-cleverly covering stupid stuff — the earnest editors and writers at OK and The Enquirer appear to actually be way dumber than their subjects.” We’d bet it’s also devoid of inspiring print ads. Poor Simon.
  • Apparently there was tension between WaPo Executive Editor Leonard Downie and legendary Postman Bob Woodward over the revelation of Deep Throat’s identity. Apparently Woodward wanted to save the ultimate revelation for his book. This is according to Carl Bernstein’s upcoming piece in October’s Vanity Fair, according to Lloyd Grove in the NYDN. We assume that the two men since reached an accord, especially since that very same magazine made the whole issue moot at the beginning of the summer. Wow. Seems a while ago.
  • Howard Kurtz weighs in on Katrina and its coverage, joining the chorus celebrating it as the moment the press got its groove back. FishbowlDC tells us that Kurtz was on vacation last week, thus proving again that when Howie Kurtz goes on vacation, everything is about to go to hell. Thank God the man’s a workaholic.
  • The area man stuff can get old, but The Onion shows what they’re made of in tough times with some cutting, perfect headlins: “Officials Uncertain Whether To Save Or Shoot Victims” “Nation’s Politicians Applaud Great Job They’re Doing” “Bush: ‘It Has Been Brought To My Attention That There Was Recently A Bad Storm'”… and, yes: “Area Man Drives Food There His Goddamned Self.”