Good iPhone 3GS Video Feature Demo from “the automatic filmmaker”

Vimeo video courtesy of the automatic filmmaker

I’m on the iPhone 3GS sidelines since I’m not elgible for an upgrade discount and unwilling to pay the full retail price. So, I’ve had to ask 3GS owners to check on a few questions like how much does the iPhone reduce/compress video for sending over email (between 4:1 and 5:1). I was happy to learn about this short but thorough video demonstration of the various 3GS video recording features and oddities like auto-focus, focus-locking (features) and the “jelly” effect created by quickly shaking the 3GS.

You can see these features/oddities and more (like low-like recording samples) and read the detailed notes in this blog entry from the automatic filmmaker

Everything You Wanted to Know About iPhone 3GS Video

You can see Steve Ellington’s video embedded above.

I must admit that the 3GS’ video features alone make me wonder if I should part with my $$$ to buy one at full price. But, no, I’m determined to wait this one out. If I wait long enough, I might be able to change carriers too 🙂