Goo Technologies launches Goo Create for creation of high-end web graphics with HTML5

Image via Goo Technologies

Goo Technologies has announced the launch of Goo Create, a professional platform for high-end web graphics, aimed at helping “regular people” create and publish high-quality 3D graphics using HTML 5, without the need for downloads or plugins.

Goo Create offers cloud-based software, available in a browser on any device supporting WebGL in HTML5. According to Goo Technologies, the platform can be used to create web graphics without the use of a single line of code.

According to Goo’s 2013 State of Browser Gaming Index, more than 50 percent of gamers wish browser-based games worked better. In theory, the Goo Create platform will allow developers to create games which do just that.

“This new platform expands the development of professional interactive 3D web graphics to artists and creative people, whether they can code or not – a truly disruptive force not seen since the industry first began shifting from Flash to HTML5,” said Marcus Krüger, Founder & Executive Chairman of Goo Technologies, in a company release.

“Goo Create is built on and for WebGL-powered HTML5, allowing us to accelerate that transition and empower millions of creative people to build beautiful games and app content for the web, propelling forward a new ecosystem around HTML5 content.  We’re laying the foundation for the future, more vibrant web, and we can’t wait to see what our community builds with it.”

The Goo Create platform has been used to create CasinoFloor, a 3D gambling site with over 850 games, which can be played without downloading any software. Goo Technologies has also partnered with Mozilla to bring advanced graphics to Firefox 25.

Developers interested in trying Goo Create can sign up for the open beta on Goo Technologies’ website.