Goldfire’s CasinoRPG launches in open beta in a browser near you

Image via Goldfire Studios

Goldfire Studio has announced the open beta launch of its CasinoRPG, which has spent the last year in development and closed beta testing. The game looks to capitalize on the popularity of the many casino games on Facebook and mobile, including most recently Zynga’s Hit It Rich: Casino Slots on Facebook.

CasinoRPG mixes classic casino games like poker, blackjack and slots with tycoon and city-building gameplay, as players are given the chance to use their winnings to build casinos, apartments and more. Players can focus on the interior designs of their buildings and how things look on the city streets, or they can play actual casino games using virtual currency.

Casino RPG is story-based, with all cities being designed and managed by all of the game’s players at once in a persistent online world.

Image via Goldfire Studios

CasinoRPG was successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. The game has been built to run on any device using HTML5, and is therefore available to play in browsers without the need for downloads or extra plugins.

According to James Simpson, founder and CEO of the Oklahoma City based developer, CasinoRPG is “the most advanced HTML5 game in the world, which will help to change people’s perceptions of what today’s browsers are capable of. We’ve barely begun to tap the possibilities of the web as a legitimate gaming platform…the future of browser gaming is very exciting.”

CasinoRPG is now available to play for free on the game’s official website. You can watch a trailer for the game below.