Golden Globe Awards Streamed Live Through Facebook Fan Page

Facebook gave fans of the Golden Globe Awards the opportunity to tune in to the festivities last night through live Ustream coverage that began with red carpet coverage and ran all the way through post-ceremony interviews. Fans were also able to post their comments about the presenters and awards before, during and after the Golden Globes.

The Golden Globes fan page, at, hosted the live streaming with a Golden Globes Live tab that appeared a few days before the event. Coverage of the awards show started early in the day with interviews, clips of past shows and information on nominees, and continued through the actual presentation with live coverage of winners. In fact, the Golden Globe presentation on Facebook was slightly ahead of the telecast on NBC, so those tuning in to the awards through Facebook were hearing about winners before those tuning in through their televisions.

Hosting live coverage of the awards show gave all fans of the Golden Globes the ability to share their thoughts on the ceremony and its celebrity attendees with just their friends or all Facebook users across the world, but for some it was the only way to catch the show live. Several posts on the wall during the program from international Facebook users expressed their gratitude for the Ustream coverage, as the Golden Globes were not being televised in their countries.

After the awards were over, Facebook users were able to submit questions for the hosts of the coverage to ask winners, and there are currently several clips from throughout the night on the page for those that missed the festivities.

The Golden Globe Awards Show fan page has seen a sharp increase in fan numbers over the last week, as is to be expected as the actual show approached, with total fan numbers currently sitting just shy of 84,000.

Facebook broadcasts of live events have been popular, with everyone from the Jonas Brothers to the NBA and CNN taking advantage of live streaming coverage to reach out to fans and offer them a forum to connect with friends and other users across the world.