Gods, Monkeys and Vegas Appear on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

On our Monday and Wednesday AppData lists of fastest-growing games, Digital Chocolate has taken the top spot several times in a row. Now the company has conspired to take over our Friday list of emerging Facebook apps, too, with one of its newer games, Island God. The apps on this list are growing fast, but still under a million monthly active users:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1.App_2_125318280856717_8426 Island God849,305+612,201+258%
2.App_2_114878038575040_8313 THE WTF GAME812,539+310,258+62%
3.App_2_141437422542260_5503 CSI: Crime City966,822+215,419+29%
4.App_2_146925398656308_3036 Vegas871,994+214,401+33%
5.App_2_123974710993624_3209 TRY TO PASS THIS GAME421,740+209,482+99%
6.App_2_112227688836781_7288 Prizee Jackpot724,186+177,529+32%
7.App_2_140357045994487_425 Happy Hospital296,031+171,555+138%
8.App_2_164819630206264_37 Epic Fighters169,483+169,477+2,824,617%
9.App_2_149765091710484_8999 FameTown434,500+169,019+64%
10.App_2_125563607490233_6907 Little War309,710+159,921+107%
11.App_2_143198715726574_2640 super spacer544,023+135,102+33%
12.App_2_156767354359489_9428 pegale a justin barbie440,048+134,898+44%
13.Original Bubble Paradise807,772+134,488+20%
14.Original Super Crayon641,721+128,009+25%
15.App_2_149755978384927_3407 Legacy of a Thousand Suns137,642+127,121+1,208%
16.App_2_160140214007586_6330 How fast can you write?732,603+121,105+20%
17.App_2_166960806653757_9946 Clash of Kingdoms329,219+119,732+57%
18.Original Boyaa Texas Poker336,861+109,765+48%
19.Original WSOP Poker706,130+104,036+17%
20.App_2_146118892073972_2344 Mighty Pirates271,521+94,977+54%

Island God is a pretty good game, but that’s not the whole story with Digital Chocolate. The company is driving hard to reach the size of one of the top four Facebook game developers. At current growth rates, that might not take long; the company should clear 25 million monthly active users this week. On the above list, it also has Epic Fighters.

THE WTF GAME and TRY TO PASS THIS GAME are the same app with different names. It’s an old web favorite: with your mouse cursor you control an object, and a character jumps around the screen trying to take it. In the case, the object and character are a fruit and a gorilla.

CSI: Crime City is about to cross a million MAU. It’s also the first really successful app from giant French game maker Ubisoft, which has tried and missed with a number of other titles. CSI benefits both from being based on a hit show, and being a little closer than some of Ubisoft’s other attempts to existing games (although it’s still unique).

And, staying within the top five, the last app we’ll point out is Vegas. This is one of the rare games we see from an unknown developer, in this case Vitamin Games, that looks well-polished and smart all around. Unfortunately, the game is already having a bit of trouble with retention, with its percentage of MAU coming back daily having fallen to 10 percent. Vitamin appears to be iterating fairly quickly, so it may yet solve the problems.