Go Go Bots Debuts Exclusively on Facebook Gaming

The game was created in collaboration with the social network

Go Go Bots was built on Facebook's Instant Games platform Facebook

Facebook debuted Go Go Bots exclusively on Facebook Gaming.

The title was created by Ustwo studios, which is part of Ustwo games, the company behind the popular Monument Valley mobile games. Go Go Bots was also created in collaboration with Facebook. It’s built on Facebook’s Instant Games platform.

In Go Go Bots, players can choose from five different robotic playable characters and then race to climb to the top of obstacle courses as quickly as possible. A Season mode supports single-player gameplay, while the Grand Prix mode allows users to compete against their friends.


Go Go Bots can be played on Facebook’s Gaming tab and within the standalone Facebook Gaming application that recently launched on Android devices. Users don’t need to download anything to play the game.

Facebook said last year that over 700 million people interact with video game-related content on the social network each month. In April, the company said the Facebook Gaming app would be released on iOS devices once it’s approved by Apple.