Go Digital Or Go Broke

Just in case you weren’t depressed enough about shuttering of The Rocky Mountain News, the news that the Seattle Post Intelligenceris going 100 percent digital (and cutting staff in the process), or Hearst’s threat to shut down The San Francisco Chronicle if it does not start turning a profit, 24/7 Wall Street has thoughtfully put together a list of major newspapers they believe will either go broke or go totally digital next.

Here’s the short list:
1. The Philadelphia Daily News

2. The Minneapolis Star Tribune

3. The Miami Herald

4. The Detroit News

5. The Boston Globe

6. The San Francisco Chronicle

7. The Chicago Sun-Times

8. NY Daily News

9. The Fort Worth Star Telegram

10. The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Why these papers? Well, 24/7 is glad you asked! No they did not just pick these papers out of a hat. Indeed their reasoning is well thought out and goes beyond the standard “ad revenue decline” or “increased printing cost” excuse.

The Philadelphia Daily News: With newspaper advertising still falling sharply, the city cannot support two papers and the Dally News has a daily circulation of only about 100,000. The tabloid has a small staff, most of whom could probably stay on at Philly.com, the web operation for both of the city dailies.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune: The odds are that the Star Tribune will lose money this year if its ad revenue drops another 20 percent. There is no point for creditors to keep the paper open if it cannot generate cash. It could become an all-digital property, but supporting a daily circulation of over 300,000 is too much of a burden

The Detroit News: one of two daily papers in the big American city badly hit by the economic downturn. It is unlikely that it can merge with the larger Detroit Free Press which is owned by Gannett…With the fortunes of Detroit getting worse each day, cutting back the number of days that the paper is delivered will not save enough money to keep the paper open.

The answers go on and on. The full doomsday report can be found here.

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