Go Beyond Follower Count: Now You Can Sort Twitter Users By Country, Tweet Count, Klout And More

If you’re a data hound, or you’re just interested in the who’s who of Twitter, ZoomSphere is a great place to start.

It’s not just a database of the top Twitter users, but rather a database that you can sort by multiple factors, getting down to the nitty gritty of who is leading Twitter in your country, who’s growing the fastest, and who’s the most influential.

Unlike a lot of other similar services that will show you only the top global Twitter users in terms of followers, you can sort users into country with ZoomSphere, or see who has had the most growth in the past week, month or year.

There are four total metrics that you can sort users by:

  • Followers count
  • Tweets count
  • User mentions count
  • Klout score

After you choose which metric you want to sort users by, you can choose the data range. If you’re interested in just the top users, I’d suggest sticking with “total”, but if you’re interested in how accounts are growing you can select data from just today or yesterday, from the past week, from two weeks ago, from this month, or from last month.

And finally, you’ll want to select which country you want to view users from (or leave it at “all” to view results that include all Twitter users).

So, for instance, I can find out which Twitter accounts based in Canada saw the most follower growth yesterday:

Or which accounts worldwide tweeted the most last week:

This is a great tool to get insight into which accounts are growing the fastest, which popular accounts might be stagnating, and how the top Twitter celebrities from your country stack up against one another. Plus, it’s nice to see an account other than Lady Gaga as a leader from time to time!

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