Gmail Gets More Mobile and Fun with Emoticons

There are two not-so-big news coming from Google’s popular Gmail client recently. One has something to do with version 2.0 of Google Mail Mobile while the other one was about a new feature of Gmail. This new feature, hold your breath now are those cutesy little icons we use to use in online forums and chats called emoticons. Yes, you heard it right, Gmail just get some spanking new set of emoticons. It’s kinda late for Gmail to introduce emoticons in its entire functionality, but it still spark some interest and fun to us Gmail users.

I know emoticons are so un-Web 2-ish, but hey, there are still people who would wants to use the smiley emoticon instead of typing ” 🙂 “. And Gmail think so too, hence it just introduced its own set of cutesy emoticons to make your life, well yeah a little bit colorful and fun.

This is of course following the “colorization thrusts” of Google for Gmail which started with the colored label features rolled out not so long ago.

The other new announcement made by Google relating to Gmail has something to do with its mobile version, or what Google calls as the Gmail for Mobile 2.0. This new mobile version of Gmail works with all phones supporting the J2ME platform and Blackberry handsets as well. Mobile Gmail 2.0 offers a faster and more reliable email client which was entirely rearchitected and improved on client-side caching scheme. With the new Gmail for Mobile 2.0, you can now experience improved raw speed, smoother scrolling and no freezing, easily switch between your Gmail and Google Apps email account, save multiple email drafts, have powerful short cut keys which also works well with mobile phones with QWERTY keypad, and offline support improvement wherein you can now compose and read your most recent email even when there is no network signal in the area you are currently located.

To download the new Gmail for mobile 2.0, you may point your phone’s web browser at